Meet Robine

From Chartered Auditor to 'Dress Expert'...

With my corporate background I know all ins & outs of our daily outfit struggles. What to wear during an important meeting, how to dress for a business training, and how casual can we go on ‘casual Friday’? Not to mention after-work activities, drinks, bike rides and endless daily routines. With a huge passion for fashion and craftsmanship I created Rouxbien. The brand shows how to rock a business look while looking flawless for the evening and being able to move easily in it.

My passion for dresses goes way back. Apart from workout leggings, you won’t find a single pair of trousers in my wardrobe. But none of the dresses passed the test for the ultimate 24-hour uniform, so that is why I created my own! A wearable aesthetic with authentic features. A collection of dresses that will carry you from work to weekend in style. I am pretty sure you will like your Rouxbien as much as I do!
Explore the collection by yourself, enjoy your online shopping at Rouxbien and...would love to meet you in person for a Try & Buy!
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