Story of the dresses

Finding a perfect dress is a time consuming search. But what defines perfect? We’d say easy wearing, easy caring. The ultimate throw-on-and-go every morning.

Rich fabrics and a thought-through technical design accentuate your silhouette like no other dress. It stays in place, whatever movement you make thanks to the stretchy material. No wrinkles, no see-through parts. No inner linings, no fuss. Timeless designs that can be worn over and over again.

Easy does it
Dry cleaning is history. These dresses go straight into your washing machine and come out as stunning as before. All freshened up with no changes in colour.

Your 24/7 dress
Whether you’re attending business meetings, working remotely, doing groceries or having drinks, Rouxbien dresses make it happen. Smart enough for office hours, comfortable enough for fun. Distinctive designs that every wardrobe needs.


From Amsterdam to Paris
Dresses with three-quarter sleeves that optically make your arms look longer. The sleeves are perfectly tailored so they don’t sweep your desk clean while working. On the back you’ll find a two-way zipper, the ultimate solution for a comfortable bike ride, stair walk or visit to the ladies room. The dresses have a round neck with a piping detail, still leaving room for a necklace. An elegant silhouette and pleated front, so no need to skip dessert. 

From Valencia to Berlin
Cool elegance with a little edge. The sleeves are tight and short, which is ideal for combing your dress with a blazer or jacket. No unnecessary fabric around the arms, so you’re actually able to move. These dresses feature a two-way zipper on the back for maximum freedom and comfort. The metal zipper also gives the dress a slightly robust finish. A cheeky V-neck for a playful effect, yet still representative for a business casual look. The dresses also have stitched folds on the front for an interesting twist and flattening shape.

From Copenhagen to Helsinki
Say hi to your off-duty dress. A straight fit with a round neck, optically narrowing your shoulders. The dresses have three-quarter sleeves, so no need to wear a jacket. These models feature a one-way zipper that is long enough for a quick escape from the dress. Fancy a last-minute outfit change? You can easily undress without ruining hair and make-up. This easy-going dress has two side pockets for a more playful and relaxed fit.